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Nicocure® Nicotine Patch FAQ

I'm a Diabetic. Does Nicocure® contain any sugar?

What are the Nicocure® Nicotine patch side effects?

Does Nicocure® work on Chewing (smokeless) Tobacco as well?

Can Nicocure® be used during Pregnancy?

How long does it take for Nicocure® to start working?

How does Nicocure® work to help me Quit Smoking?

What is Nicocure®'s Success Rate?

What is the Guarantee?

What about similar products on the Internet?

Is Nicocure® still safe for me?

Does the Nicocure® herbal nicotine patch contain any sugar?
No. The Nicocure® patch does not contain sugar and it will not react with your insulin in any way. If you are diabetic, you can feel safe using Nicocure® to help you with your smoking cessation. If you still have concerns, please contact your doctor.

What kind of side effects does the herbal Nocotine patch have?

If you decide to smoke while using our patch, it's possible that you may experience some mild nausea and dizziness however don't be alarmed. It's a positive sign that Nicocure® is working exactly as intended. If you don't smoke or use any nicotine products while using our patch, you should not experience any side effects at all.

When you finish using our patch as directed, you're nicotine cravings will be gone.

Nicocure® contains only all natural and herbal ingredients. As such, we are not aware of any drug interactions..

Does your herbal Nicotine patch work on chewing (aka smokeless) tobacco?
Yes, it does. Our Nicocure® patch works to remove addiction and cravings to all forms of nicotine based tobacco products.

Can Nicocure® be used by pregnant women?
No. We recommend that you do not use this product during pregnancy or while nursing.

About how long does it take for Nicocure® to reduce nicotine cravings?
Many smokers and people with other nicotine addictions report that their cravings subsided within the first 10 days while using Nicocure®. We do include a 30 day supply of the product as some people may take longer to respond.

Exactly does this herbal nicotine patch work to help me kick the habit?
The Nicocure® patch is based around our proprietary herbal blend. It is safe and non-addictive yet it can provide your "nicotine receptor cells" with the same sensation provided by nicotine. The product works because you will no longer crave the nicotine sensation after finishing the Nicocure® herbal formula.

One thing to remember, traditional nicotine patches and gums only feed you more nicotine. Does that sound like a logical way to break an addiction?

What is the success rate for users of the Nicocure® patch?
We're extremely proud to say that our herbal nicotine patch has worked for over 97% of our customers. By comarison, typical nicotine based smoking cessation products (gums and patches) can only claim a success rate of about 20%. We'll take our numbers any day!

We also receive testimonial letters from happy cutomers every week. They've usually tried every product under the sun and are happy to have found something that finally worked for them. Needless to say, we love hearing from them!

What is the Quit Smoking Money Back Guarantee?
Try our Nicocure® patch for a full 20 days. If you're not completely satisfied and feel that it's not helping you kick the habit, just return the unused portion and you will receive a full refund, minus shipping and handling.

Essentially, you get to try our product risk free.

What about similar smoking cessation products that can be found online?
That's just it. There is no other product available that is similar to Nicocure®. Many other products require you to take three or more formulas every day, just to achieve the same potency as our herbal nicotine patch.

We've developed our own proprietary herbal blend and have found our patch to be more effective and more convenient to use than anything available.

I have a bad heart, kidney, liver, high blood pressure, recent surgery, etc. Is Nicocure® still safe for me?
Our Nicocure® herbal nicotine patch contains only natural herbal ingredients and should not pose a problem for you. If you have any of the aforementioned conditions, it is in your best interest to quit smoking! As always, please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.

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